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Ari Shaffir - No 10/2/2008 - 10/2/2008

Ari Shaffir is an American comedian and actor currently living in Los Angeles, California. He has performed live at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles, California and has featured on two National Lampoon DVDs, Lost Reality and Lost Reality 2. Amongst other work, Shaffir is probably most well known for a series of comedy works entitled The Amazing Racist (the title is a play on that of reality television show The Amazing Race). Ari Shaffir plays the eponymous title character in the works. In these shorts the Amazing Racist is seen acting in a manner which is designed to be overtly racist. Some of the victims agreed to be included in his videos after they were taped, "Shaffir filmed many of his offensive encounters for a new DVD, National Lampoon’s Lost Reality, and is amazed how many victims of his racial slurs willingly signed release forms." Shaffir has been accused of promoting more hate through his videos. In Amazing Racist & Son, the boy is not Ari Shaffir’s son but a good friend - he has no children.

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