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Shows for 12/12/2017

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Each show at The Punchline is a unique experience. We believe that we have access to the best comedians working clubs today. We strive to put together shows that flow from the moment the host hits the stage right through to when the headliner takes an encore.

Preacher Lawson 12/12/2017 - 12/12/2017

Show Dates & Times
Tuesday, December 12, 2017     8:00:00 PM     $20.00     No Smoking | Special Event | No Passes | Buy Now!
Tuesday, December 12, 2017     10:00:00 PM     $20.00     No Smoking | Special Event | No Passes | Buy Now!

Hey everybody reading this! I want to give a special thank you to yourself for utilizing this page, because i have to pay every month for it and Iím not rich. I had to choose between this website or Netflix. You made it worth missing The Flash. I was born In Portland, Oregon, but raised most of my adolescence in Memphis, TN. I moved 20 times before age 10, but if you asked me what city Iím from Iíd say Orlando, FL. Because thatís where I grew as a comedian. Growing up switching schools all of the time you had to learn how to adapt. Everywhere Iíd go I would learn about different people and different cultures, but I noticed the one universal language everyone had in common was laughter. Which is how I spoke and warmed up to most people. Even when I wasnít the funniest I was still the loudest. I started writing jokes when I was 16 for about a year, then decided to perform for the first time at age 17 as bet between my mother and I. Best decision of my life. So far Iíve been blessed enough to meet a few Idols of mine. Iíve opened up for many well known comedians. I won the 2015 Funniest Comedian In Florida, the 2016 Seattle International Comedy Competition, and Iím just getting started for 2017. Follow my journey on my Youtube/Facebook Blogs. Thank you for all your support! "Donít Follow Your Dreams Lead Them"


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